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Japanese Antiques A) We buy directly in Asia or rely upon our agents who go to auction in the Japanese countryside to find very special Japanese antiques for Del-Teet. These "tansu" chests provide the perfect counterpoint to the clean lines of contemporary furnishings and are welcome in any interior design.

This is a small sampling of the many one-of-a-kind Japanese antiques that Del-Teet stocks. The tall cabinet on the left, stored a lady's dowry goods while tansu on the lower on the left, held textiles and household goods. Both tansu cabinets are from Japan and are made of kiriwood dating from about 1880 to 1920. While these exact pieces may not be available, many similar cabinets are shown at our store

Japanese AntiquesB)This is the classic design of kitchen tansu from the Japanese area of Nagoya. The cabinet held cooking articles and food stuffs and was usually constructed of cypress and cedar woods.

Japanese AntiquesC) Used for storage of dowery goods and clothing the 3-section tansu is constructed of lightweight kiri wood.  Wooden trays to store clothing are behind the large doors.


Japanese Antiques

D) Imported from Mongolia and parts of China; these solid wood chests retain some of their original paint. Some have been slightly modified to be more usable. All are one of a kind and our selection changes often. We are happy to email you images of our current selection as you request.


) Yes, the cabinets really are old! Here's a group of cabinets, on the way to the shipping container, from our importer.


F) The classic antique Japanese clothing chest in two sections, from the Tokyo area.


) Available as shown in the 58" length or in the larger size of 80" our walnut video cabinet will stylishly hold all your media components. The back and shelves are ventilated and there is ample room for cords and connectors.


Japanese Antiques H) Our Zen stools are stocked in three finishes and come in a 42” version, as well. The Japanese “summer” doors pictured come in pairs or singly, priced from $249.00.
Zen counter stool is $249.00;
Zen stool $219.00


I) Come see our changing selection of Asian accessories sure to compliment any Northwest home.


J) Come see our changing selection of Asian accessories sure to compliment any Northwest home.

Japanese Antiques


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